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A Qualified Educator , Certified Relationship Coach , Life Coach and Entrepreneur

About Me

About Me

Gazala Saleem is a professional relationship coach and qualified educator teaching in FE colleges over the last 25 years in the UK. Further professional training and CPD with an industry leader in North America has led her to utilise and expand her expertise, knowledge together with her personal relationship struggles and experiences to specialise as a relationship coach.

She has been divorced twice and married three times. She comes from a community where divorce and marriage after divorce still carry a stigma so she encountered immense pressures and difficulties but overcame the challenges she was presented with.

It is a well known fact that a breakup or divorce is the second most traumatic life experience anyone can go through after the death of a loved one. Gazala’s first divorce was at the same time when she lost her brother in a horrific accident while he was visiting family in Canada, so she experienced the two most traumatic life experiences at the same time. To add to her anxieties she was constantly in and out of hospital with her then one year old son who was born premature. He is now a father of her two gorgeous grandsons.

Gazala has a unique approach to everything she has ever done in her life. She stands out from the rest. Overcoming all the challenges she has faced has made her a strong and positive individual. She has a warmness about her which everyone can connect to. Her positive energy and sincere commitment to what ever she has done has awarded her great recognition both personally and professionally.

  • Occupation: Educator , Relationship Coach
  • City: Birmingham
  • Religion: Muslim


Gazala Saleem has completed multiple certifications and degrees. Her Continuous Professional Development includes the following:

Education & Certifications

LLB (Hons)


Birmingham City University

Gazala is a law graduate from Birmingham City University.

PGCE in Generic post 16 Education


University of Wolverhampton

After accomplishing her LLB (Hons) she went on to complete a PGCE in Generic post 16 Education with the University of Wolverhampton.

English Subject Specialism


Staffordshire University

She also has an English Subject Specialism from Staffordshire University.


Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator

Gazala Saleem is a Certified Relationship Workshop Facilitator.

Advanced Coaching certified

Gazala Saleem is Advanced Coaching certified.

Professional Experience

Gazala Saleem has been attached to multiple businesses. Following listed are her professional experiences:


Soho Asian Women’s Association (SAWA)


At the age of 17 Gazala with the support of Dr Shamim Qureshi, MP Claire Short and Cllr Sybil Spence started Soho Asian Women’s Association. SAWA was a voluntary organisation set up to help Asian women experiencing both verbal and physical abuse.

Domestic violence within the South East Asian community was not spoken about because of the fear of honor killings and other cultural challenges. Gazala successfully supported the victims of such ordeals and found placements for these women into safe houses where they were able to start a new life.

Worked in General Practice

Practice Manager

Handsworth and Great Barr Birmingham

Alongside her voluntary work with Soho Asian Women’s Association at the age of 18 Gazala worked in General Practice and after achieving a distinction in The Association of Medical Secretaries, Practice Managers, Administrators and Receptionists, she went onto be a Practice Manager for a sizeable partnership practice in Handsworth and Great Barr Birmingham.

The face of General Practice was changing rapidly with most practices gaining fund holding status. For this reason Gazala left work to gain further qualifications in business management.

Mother Nature Baby Foods (MNBF)



Gazala has a rightful claim of being the pioneer of halal baby food. She started her halal baby food company Mother Nature Baby Foods (MNBF) in 1997. Her son was born premature and she decided to prepare all his food at home, ensuring he had the right balance of nutrients. She recognised a gap in the market where other baby food manufacturers were not providing halal baby food.

With the endorsements from the then chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque and famous General Practitioner, Dr Mohammed Naseem and Pediatric Consultants and dieticians it was established there was a real need to have a product in the market that would serve the Muslim community and alleviate the growing anemia problem.

The unique idea was fast reported by the BBC, ITV, Sky, Zee TV and all major media channels that clearly saw the greatness in the brand.

Mother Nature Baby Foods and Working in the medical field as a manager provided her with the opportunity to meet with Pediatric consultants and dietitian who supported her unique idea of launching the first range of halal baby food into the supermarket chains of UK.

After sourcing a specialist baby food manufacturer to partner with Gazala she then successfully trialed, packaged and launched her baby food range into leading supermarket chains and NHS procurements. Blackmores, Petty Woods, Bestways, ASDA, Safeway's, Lloyds Pharmacy, NHS direct and many others promoted and sold her baby food range.

MNBF Ltd was nominated for best Asian business concept from the BBC Asian awards in 1999 and received 2nd position with the first position going to large training provider in the West Midlands.


International Recruits Ltd.

Managing Director

Gazala is the Managing Director of International Recruits Ltd. While the market for international students had been growing at a significant pace and during this period many agents have expanded into their own specialist fields.

Gazala’s family have been involved in hosting international students by providing them safe and friendly living accommodation and introducing them to life in the UK. Supporting them with all day to day essentials they need to learn, develop and thrive.

  • Dudley College

  • Bournville College

  • South Birmingham College

  • Sandwell College

  • South and City College

  • Birmingham Metropolitan College

  • Walsall College


Gazala has worked as a lecturer in the Further Education sector for over 25 years. She has worked at most FE colleges within the West Midlands area, including Dudley College, Bournville College, South Birmingham College, Sandwell College, South and City College, Birmingham Metropolitan College and Walsall College.

Her main role has been teaching ESOL, she has also taught, Maths, Functional Skills, Business Management, Marketing, Citizenship, Managing Personal Finance and Personal Safety. Apart from the normal creation of schemes of work she has also created complete training programme contents for delivery.

Enrichment Events


Lecturing at Birmingham Metropolitan College Gazala has organised enrichment events and Macmillan coffee mornings with the support of her students. She invited the Lord Mayor Councilor Mohammed Azim who did a speech about the issues new migrants face when first arriving in the UK and how they had now the chance through great education opportunities to live a free and rewarding life.

Muslim Matrimonial Coach


Professional Relationship Coaching

Gazala has over three decades of experience in the issues faced by women in particular within the Muslim community. Her own relationship experiences and struggles have further elevated her understanding of the emotional impact a break up or divorce can present.

Her experiences have certainly made her a master in her field together with the intense training programs she has completed and achieved to understand the human psychology behind behaviours, values, patterns, limiting beliefs, core beliefs, inner child, self discovery, expectations, roles and many other features.

Gazala offers a wide range of services through her relationship coaching business The Muslim Matrimonial Coach which is a registered Limited Company in the UK. She has affiliations with family law firms who see great benefit in her work and expertise. She also hosts training workshops online and face to face for new or potential clients wishing to explore the concept of being coached.

My Portfolio

My Portfolio

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